WHO Open Data, The Browser Company, Zoonotic Disease Nevada, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 25, 2023


World Health Organization: WHO releases “ provides open access to WHO’s health data through a harmonized, consolidated and seamless experience. Starting with the data underlying WHO’s annual World Health Statistics report, the new website reimagines the indicator page – the most representative level of data presentation – with consistent, expressive and accessible visualization, while also presenting metadata to promote ease of accessibility, reference and use.”

TechCrunch: Arc browser’s new tool lets you remove some elements from a website. “The Browser Company, the company behind the web browser Arc, introduced a fun new tool today called Boosts. It lets you customize a website with new colors and fonts. But the best feature of this tool is that you can ‘Zap’ (read: remove) any element from a website like a sidebar or a trending topic box.”

KOLO (Nevada): Nevada launches website for kids to learn about zoonotic diseases. “One Health Nevada is an interactive website for kids to learn about how diseases spread between animals and humans and what people can do to keep themselves and animals healthy. The site is geared towards kids involved in 4-H, or those who own pets, livestock, enjoy hunting, fishing or being outdoors. They can also find health tips, activities and educational resources.”


The Hindu: Snowflake buys ex-Google executives built search engine Neeva . “Snowflake, a cloud data management firm, has purchased ex-Google executives built ad-free search engine Neeva for an undisclosed sum. The details of the transaction have not been spelled out, but the acquisition could give the cloud data management firm a lift as it aims to becomes an AI company.”


New York Times: To Mute or Unfollow? Experts’ Tips for a Mindful Approach to Social Media. “You don’t have to quit Instagram and TikTok cold turkey. Use these strategies — some practical, some more philosophical — to be online in a healthier or less harmful way.”


Sky News: Sunak and Google CEO to meet for talks on AI threats. “Rishi Sunak and Sundar Pichai will meet on Friday for talks amid an intensifying debate about the threats and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence, Sky News learns.”

NARA: National Archives Awards $6.5 Million in Grants for Historical Records Projects . “Grants went to 17 edition projects to publish the papers of key American figures such as Frederick Douglass and Jane Addams, as well as cross-cutting projects such as the Chinese American WWII Veterans Online Resource and Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery.”


The Verge: An Android app started secretly recording users almost a year after it was listed on Google Play. “An Android recording app called iRecorder Screen Recorder began as an innocent screen recording app but turned evil nearly a year after it was first released, as detailed by Ars Technica. The app first came out in September 2021, but after an update the following August, it began recording a minute of audio every 15 minutes and forwarding those recordings, through an encrypted link, to the developer’s server.”

Moscow Times: Putin Signs Off on Sanctioned Tycoons’ Shared Yandex Stake – Reports. “President Vladimir Putin has agreed on the sale of a majority stake in the Russian side of splintered tech giant Yandex to three sanctioned billionaires and the state-owned VTB Bank, the news websites The Bell and Meduza reported Sunday, citing four unnamed sources close to the company.”


Scripps Research: Scripps Research develops behind-the-scenes tool for better biomedical data discovery. “This new tool, called the Data Discovery Engine (DDE) Schema Playground, was described in a paper that published in BMC Bioinformatics on April 20, 2023. The DDE Schema Playground is a browser-based resource that empowers scientists to make their data more findable and accessible on the web, which has been a significant barrier in the past.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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