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Exploring Search Results as Word Clouds: CloudSERP Explorer

In my endless quest to find ways for users to create more detailed search queries without having lots of foreknowledge…

I made a Gizmo, CloudSERP Explorer, that queries WordPress, Bing, and Bing News, then shows the titles of the results as a word cloud (one cloud per query.) Clicking on a word takes you to a search of the cloud’s word-source using both the original query and the word you clicked on.

I started this as a goof but I like the way it turned out. The clouds for the different resources can look VERY different and make quite different impressions. And I find when I click on a word to do a search, it’s less because it looks relevant and more that it *doesn’t* — what in the world is that word doing in this cloud?

Those clicks take me to odd corners, which can be a good thing.

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