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Browse Local Posts About Air Quality on Twitter with AQTweet Tracker

Did you find it a bit hazy when you stepped outside today? Me too. Despite being in North Carolina, my weather is being impacted by the wildfires in Canada hundreds of miles away. In fact, my city is under an air quality warning for today.

After reading about how bad the air quality was in American cities further north than NC, I wanted to see if I could make a way to explore how people are finding the air quality in other American cities. So I made AQTweet Tracker. (PLEASE NOTE: Due to Twitter’s policies you will need to be logged in to view a search results page.)

It’s very easy to use: just enter a city and state and click the Submit button. AQTweet Tracker will translate the city and state to lat/long and create a Twitter search of that area using words related to air quality (“air quality”, “pollution”, “wildfires”, “etc) which it opens in a new window.

I originally started with trying to find RSS feeds for air quality, and that got complicated in a hurry. I’m still looking, though. (I want feeds by air quality levels, not location!)


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