Pennsylvania Veterans, Luxembourg Real Estate, JPEG XL, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, June 10, 2023


Government of Pennsylvania: Shapiro Administration Launches Online Resource For Service Members Leaving Active Duty, Returning To Pennsylvania. “Today, the Shapiro Administration announced the launch of, ‘Welcome Home PA,’ an online resource to help service members separating or retiring from active duty acclimate to a successful civilian life in Pennsylvania. The new website includes information about employment and licensing, education, securing military paperwork, veteran crisis and much more.”

Delano: Luxembourg real estate calculator and mortgage simulator . “Luxdata, a data analytics platform in Luxembourg, has partnered with Delano and Paperjam to produce a series of data dashboards on the grand duchy’s housing market ahead of this year’s elections.”


The Register: Google snubbed JPEG XL so of course Apple now supports it in Safari. “Apple is now supporting JPEG XL – a novel royalty-free image codec that Google last year controversially abandoned – in its Safari browser. The Safari 17 Beta Release Notes reveal that support for JPEG XL has been added, bringing with it various purported advantages over other image compression and decompression technologies.”


Wall Street Journal: Google Gets Stricter About Employees’ Time in Office. “Google will consider office attendance records in performance reviews and send reminders to employees with frequent absences, becoming the latest company to urge a return to in-person collaboration following an embrace of remote work during the pandemic.”

CNBC: Google tells employees in New York and along the East Coast to work from home as wildfire smoke fills the air. “According to NBC, the company issued advisory notices to workers in the Detroit area; Washington, D.C.; Reston, Virginia; Pittsburgh; and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. In Canada, which is on track to experience its worst-ever wildfire season, Google notified employees in the Ontario cities of Toronto and Waterloo.”

Kotaku: Twitch’s New Ad Rules Are Very Bad For Streamers [Update]. “On June 6, popular streaming service Twitch rolled out a set of new advertisement rules that spell trouble for streamers large and small. The rules are directly related to branded content streamers add into their streams, which are a crucial source of revenue for creators, and the new set of rules could very well mean major consequences for your favorite streamers.”


Toronto Star: Justin Trudeau shows no interest in compromising with Meta, Google over online news bill. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is showing no interest in compromising with Meta and Google over a proposed law that would make them pay for Canadian journalism that helps tech companies generate revenue.”

Associated Press: Pa. House passes bill to require electronically filed campaign finance reports. “Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives approved legislation Tuesday to require candidates for a state office to file their campaign finance reports electronically, instead of on paper.”

SEC: SEC Charges Coinbase for Operating as an Unregistered Securities Exchange, Broker, and Clearing Agency. “The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Coinbase, Inc. with operating its crypto asset trading platform as an unregistered national securities exchange, broker, and clearing agency. The SEC also charged Coinbase for failing to register the offer and sale of its crypto asset staking-as-a-service program.”


WIRED: How to Leave a Platform When the Party’s Over. “Elon Musk’s ownership has sent some users in search of new alternatives, drab recreations of the original product. But a fresh URL will not solve the many problems of the financialized internet, nor can it fix the habits of fractured communication drilled into us by years of tweeting, subtweeting, dunking, lurking, and shitposting.”

El País: Kicking toxic people off social media reduces hate speech on the internet. “An internal study by Facebook, which analyzed interactions between 26,000 users, reveals that excluding extremist community leaders is an effective means of eradicating hate speech on social media, particularly over the long term.”

Purdue University: AI-driven mobile health algorithm uses phone camera to detect blood vessel oxygen levels . “You may already use your smartphone for remote medical appointments. Why not use some of the onboard sensors to gather medical data? That’s the idea behind AI-driven technology developed at Purdue University that could use a smartphone camera to detect and diagnose medical conditions like anemia faster and more accurately than highly specialized medical equipment being developed for the task.” Good morning, Internet…

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