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A Couple of Options for Getting Twitter Data if You’re Not Logged In

I’m seeing a lot of news stories in my Google Alerts about Twitter cutting off access to people who aren’t logged in. According to The Verge, if you’re not logged in to Twitter you can’t see tweets or profiles or much of anything. (Access to Twitter search was cut off earlier, in April.)

If you don’t have access to Twitter but you need to access Twitter profile data or tweets, I have a couple of options for you. They’re not as good as going on Twitter directly, of course, but they might help you out.

In 2018 I made two bookmarklets for getting Twitter profile information from Google’s cache and the Wayback Machine. You can learn how to use them at https://researchbuzz.me/2018/12/17/a-couple-of-quick-bookmarklets-for-viewing-a-suspended-deleted-twitter-user/ .

If you’re more interested in historical Twitter data you might be interested in a Search Gizmo I made last fall. Twitter Receipts lets you put in a Twitter handle and a date and get the Wayback Machine cached page closest to that date. Twitter Receipts, along with all the other Search Gizmos, is free to use at https://searchgizmos.com/twitter-receipts/ .

I’m still on Twitter but I won’t be using its links anymore; I’ll rely more on screenshots. If you need a screenshot solution, Amit Agarwal has an excellent tool that’s available both on the Web and as a Chrome extension. Check it out: https://screenshot.guru/ .

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