Search, Browse, and Use Mastodon Better With

As Twitter has waned, I have been spending more time on Mastodon. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It’s a lot more community and interaction and lot less screaming into the void.

One thing I haven’t liked on Mastodon, however, is the lack of extensive search tools. So I made some. This weekend I took all the Mastodon-related tools out of and put together, a collection of one-page, JavaScript-driven apps to search, browse, and use Mastodon better. The site is both free and ad-free and, because it’s static HTML instead of WordPress, it’ll work on your phone. Tools available:

MastoTrends: Take a quick look at the links trending across the fediverse.

MastoWindow: Use to find instances, then browse them for hashtags.

MastoWindow2: Search across multiple instances at a time for a hashtag.

Two-Hashtag Mastodon: Search mastospace for TWO hashtags at a time! Woo!

Mastodon Web Space Search: Search Mastodon instance space via Google’s site: syntax.

Mastodon Username Helper: Discover the secret powers of your Mastodon username (like your RSS feed!)

Wikipedia/Mastodon Thing: Search Wikipedia for topics with associated Mastodon instances.

RSStodon2: Generate RSS feeds for Mastodon instances .

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