Digital Equity Dashboard, Donald Judd’s Books, Arc Browser, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, July 31, 2023


EdWeek: Ed-Tech Inequities Abound. A New Data Dashboard Seeks to Bring Them Into the Open. “The Digital Equity Dashboard, created by the Consortium for School Networking, consolidates national data sets into one resource, providing detailed information on tech access and other characteristics of communities, anonymized and broken down by county, school district, and zip code.”

Glasstire: Judd Foundation Launches Online Catalog of Donald Judd’s Marfa Library. “The books cover a wide range of topics such as art, architecture, philosophy, literature, anthropology, natural history, and world history. The catalog features a visual map of bookshelves in the library, and when a shelf is clicked, the site displays a photograph of the actual shelf. The bookshelves, built by local craftsmen, were designed by Mr. Judd in response to the dimensions of the room.”


The Verge: The excellent Arc browser is now available for anyone to download. “Arc, the Mac and iOS browser from The Browser Company, is finally ditching its waitlist. The company has been testing the app for more than two years and has, until now, made every interested user sign up for a waitlist. But now, it’s launching for real. Arc’s version number just jumped to 1.0, and anyone who wants to use Arc can go to and get the browser.”


WIRED: How to Switch Browsers Without Losing Your Bookmarks and Passwords. “IF YOU’RE THINKING of switching browsers—maybe because you like the features in a different application, or you’re fed up with the one you’re using—all of your accumulated data, extensions, and bookmarks can feel like a reason to stay put. It doesn’t have to be, though: Getting your data out of one browser and into another isn’t as hard as you might think.”


WCAX: Vermont Historical Society creates flood archive. “The Vermont Historical Society is collecting photos, videos and more to memorialize the flood of 2023. In addition to creating this brand new archive V.H.S. is also re-vamping their online gallery of the flood of 1927. Juls Sundberg, the metadata librarian at the Vermont Historical Society says they hope having access to both collections can connect viewers to the past, and for those uploading their experiences — provide a little bit of catharsis.”

Engadget: Twitter’s rebrand to X is causing scam alerts on Microsoft Edge. “Twitters swift rebrand to X is generating yet another issue. As reported by Bleeping Computer, the social media platform is causing Microsoft’s Edge browser to throw up a warning, indicating some sort of security problem.”

Fast Company: ‘You cannot dunk on a public defender.’ Meet the extremely online lawyer-Twitter celebrity. “Lawyers themselves are not known for having great senses of humor, which is something Beth Bourdon considers a massive misconception. Most of the attorneys in her Central Florida office, for instance, trade dark jokes amongst themselves whenever possible. Anything to lighten up the bleak atmosphere that comes with striving to mitigate the death penalty for one’s clients.”


Associated Press: Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over ‘harmful’ materials. “Arkansas is temporarily blocked from enforcing a law that would have allowed criminal charges against librarians and booksellers for providing ‘harmful’ materials to minors, a federal judge ruled Saturday.”

Bleeping Computer: BreachForums database and private chats for sale in hacker data breach. “While consumers are usually the ones worried about their information being exposed in data breaches, it’s now the hacker’s turn, as the notorious Breached cybercrime forum’s database is up for sale and member data shared with Have I Been Pwned.”


New York Times: The Story of the Student Journalist and the Stanford President. “Absent public scrutiny, journals have been consistently slow to act on allegations of research falsification. In a field dependent on good faith cooperation, in which each contribution necessarily builds on the science that came before it, the consequences can compound for years.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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