Pakistan Laws, Google Search Results, Email Productivity, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, August 9, 2023


ProPakistani: This New Website Lets You Search All Federal Laws of Pakistan. “The Prime Minister of Pakistan has launched a new website that lets you look up all the federal laws, allowing for easy access. The website is called Pakistan Code and it also has Android and iOS apps. The iOS app is in the beta version for now.”


Search Engine Land: Google reduces the visibility of HowTo and FAQ rich results in search. “Google will be showing fewer rich results in its search results, specifically showing less FAQ rich results across the search result snippets and limiting How-To rich results to desktop devices. Google said this update will roll out over next week globally.”

PCMag UK: Google Enables End-to-End Encryption for RCS Group Chats. “Group text chats between Android users should now have the same privacy as one-to-one conversations, courtesy of Google completing an upgrade to its RCS messaging service that extends end-to-end encryption to multiple-person chats.”


Lifehacker: Use Text Expanders to Email More Efficiently. “We all waste a lot of time writing out emails. Many of these emails say the same basic thing, too, when you’re following up on something, sending an introduction, or emailing a process explanation—and it can be mind-numbing to type it all out over and over again. But you actually don’t need to repeat common messages all the time, nor do you need to frequently copy and paste: Instead, try a text expander to quickly send out pre-defined paragraphs and get your day moving faster. You have a few different options, but in general, they work the same way: You type one word to trigger the insertion of another, pre-written sequence of words.”

How-To Geek: What Song is This? 8 Ways to Identify Music You’ve Heard. “You can identify just about any song you’ve heard using a smartphone, your computer, or a search engine like Google. It doesn’t need to be playing right now; if you can hum it or remember the lyrics you should be good. Here’s how.”


H-Announce: German Transcription Project: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy Digital Archive. “Join our exciting project and transcribe the letters of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, an important 20th century German philosopher and key player in the post-Nietzschean religious revival in the Weimar Republic. This archival collection includes correspondence with influential figures like Franz Rosenzweig, Karl Barth, Martin Buber, and others. We also have included personal letters. German speakers [and Sütterlin readers] are needed to make this historical treasure accessible for researchers worldwide.”


The Guardian: Google says AI systems should be able to mine publishers’ work unless companies opt out . “Publishers should be able to opt out of having their works mined by generative artificial intelligence systems, according to Google, but the company has not said how such a system would work.” Perhaps because copyright law exists?

The Verge: Google is picking up the pace of Chrome security update releases. “Starting with Chrome 116, Google will release weekly security updates to the stable channel, getting patches that could block major exploits to people quicker.”

The Register: Google, you’re not unleashing ‘unproven’ AI medical bots on hospital patients, yeah?. “Google is under pressure from a US lawmaker to explain how it trains and deploys its medical chatbot Med-PaLM 2 in hospitals. Writing to the internet giant today, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) also urged the web titan to not put patients at risk in a rush to commercialize the technology.”


Carnegie Mellon University: Parenting a 3-Year-Old Robot. “The way babies learn and explore their surroundings inspired researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Meta AI to develop a new way to teach robots how to simultaneously learn multiple skills and leverage them to tackle unseen, everyday tasks. The researchers set out to develop a robotic AI agent with manipulation abilities equivalent to a 3-year-old child. The team has announced RoboAgent, an artificial intelligence agent that leverages passive observations and active learning to enable a robot to acquire manipulation abilities on par with a toddler.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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