Yandex, Video Editing Apps, Google, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, August 11, 2023


Reuters: Yandex co-founder Volozh slams Russia’s ‘barbaric’ invasion of Ukraine. “The co-founder of Russian internet giant Yandex, Arkady Volozh, on Thursday condemned what he described as Russia’s ‘barbaric’ invasion of Ukraine, days after criticism in Russia over his apparent efforts to distance himself from the country.”


Social Media Examiner: 11 Video Editing Apps for Short-Form Video. “Want to create more reels, TikToks, and shorts? Looking for creative solutions to improve production and quality? In this article, you’ll discover 11 video editing apps to produce short-form content for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.”


Washington Post: Google’s AI ambassador walks a fine line between hype and doom. “Amid the excited hype about artificial intelligence at Google’s annual developer conference in May, it fell to James Manyika, the company’s new head of ‘tech and society,’ to talk about the downsides of AI. Before thousands of people packed into an outdoor arena, Manyika discussed the scourge of fake images and how AI echoes society’s racism and sexism. New problems will emerge, he warned, as the tech improves. But rest assured that Google is taking ‘a responsible approach to AI,’ he told the crowd.”

Geekwire: Wizards of the Coast updating artist guidelines after AI art found in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ book . “Wizards of the Coast will update its artist guidelines to prohibit the use of illustrations that were made with generative AI tools, after fans spotted telltale signs of AI art in an upcoming sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons.”

PC World: Google Drive review: Solid cloud storage, but the settings can be confusing. “Google Drive is neither the best nor the cheapest, but for Android users who want reasonably easy backup and the ability to keep files synchronized between different devices with different operating systems, this is the best option.”


New York Times: This Is a Reminder That You’re Probably Oversharing on Venmo. “Even if you seldom use Venmo today, the app is most likely leaking sensitive information about you to the general public. How do I know? I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I recently discovered that my contacts list, which includes the names of people in my phone book, was published on Venmo for anyone using the app to see.”

Variety: YouTube Superstar MrBeast Sued for $100 Million by Company Behind His Virtual Burger Restaurant Chain. “The biggest YouTube star in the world — Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast — is being sued by Virtual Dining Concepts, the ghost kitchen company that operates his virtual restaurant chain, MrBeast Burger.”


University of Georgia: Misinformation on Social Media . “From the 2023 CakeGate dispute that almost ruined a woman’s business to the internet war that rippled through the BookTok community after the fake death of a romance novelist, the sheer volume of users on social media can make it difficult to control the backlash. ”

ProPublica: We Carry the Burden of Repatriating Our Ancestors. Here’s What It’s Like to Report on the Process as an Indigenous Journalist.. “Mary Hudetz describes the financial cost and emotional distress that tribal communities face as they continue to wait for the return of the remains of their ancestors, thousands of which are held in museums across the country.”


West Volusia Beacon: Quakers give away hundreds of Black-history books. “The Quakers had been collecting books for months as a response to the widespread culling of Black-history books from school libraries in reaction to the Anti-Woke Act promoted by Gov. Ron DeSantis and passed by the Florida Legislature, making it a felony to teach or lend books on Black history not vetted by the Florida Department of Education. We were hoping to get 100 books. But books kept coming. We were stunned to receive nearly 500 books in the mail, delivered by UPS, and left on doorsteps. A woman in Pennsylvania donated $100 by PayPal.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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