The Nib, Google Business, Data Journalism, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, August 17, 2023


The Nib: The Nib magazines are free to download! . “The Nib is wrapping up ten years of publishing and closing down at the end of August. But before we go, we are making all 15 issues of our Eisner and Ignatz award-winning magazine available for anyone to download for free. That’s more than 1,600 pages of comics, including our out of print Secrets, Nature, Food, and Color issues.”


Search Engine Land: Google Business Profiles to let you manage your social links. “Google may soon allow businesses and organizations to manage their social media links that show up on their local listing within Google Search and Google Maps. Google added a new help document on how to manage your social links in Google Business Profiles.”


The Markup: Magic Spreadsheets That Equip the Public. “In The Markup’s first citizen science project, we built tools and an experimental blueprint that enabled anyone to test for internet disparities in the U.S. without having to write a line of code. The same underlying tools are useful for any story that compares a dataset with demographic information from the American Community Survey (ACS). I’ll walk through the decisions we made for our investigation at The Markup in the hopes that this will help you test for neighborhood-level disparities for your next story.”


Michigan Daily: ‘I’ve learned a lot’: Donovan Edwards addresses antisemitic retweet. “As Donovan Edwards’ press conference wrapped up on Friday, the junior running back had spoken on a wide variety of topics pertaining to his role with the Michigan football team. He had spoken to his relationship with senior running back Blake Corum, opined on the necessity of maintaining health and even weighed in on the plight of NFL running backs in contract disputes. However, there was one topic that reporters in the room had not yet broached, and when the media had run out of their allotted questions, Edwards stayed behind and chose to address it himself.”

Gizmodo: NYU Professor Locked Out of Twitter After Reportedly Declining to Meet With Elon Musk. “New York University professor and Kara Swisher’s podcasting buddy Scott Galloway voiced his outrage at being banned from posting on Twitter in a Threads post on Tuesday. Galloway claims he’s been locked out of Twitter (aka X) two days after allegedly declining an invitation to meet with the chief Twit himself.”


The Messenger: A DOJ Crackdown Targets Social Media. “U.S. Justice Department crackdown on the governance of competing companies has led to the resignations of 15 directors from 11 company boards over at least the past eight or nine months. Now it is now focusing on social media.”

Politico: The EU wants to cure your teen’s smartphone addiction. “Countries are now taking the first steps to rein in excessive — and potentially harmful — use of big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. China wants to limit screen time to 40 minutes for children aged under eight, while the U.S. state of Utah has imposed a digital curfew for minors and parental consent to use social media. France has targeted manufacturers, requiring them to install a parental control system that can be activated when their device is turned on.”


Vox: How does Elon Musk get away with it all?. “The vulnerability of Musk’s carefully crafted image helps mask the power he wields: He becomes a victim at the mercy of a wicked press and an ungrateful human race. For the romantic hero, trolling is just one more bad-boy affectation to be stripped away by the right person, by the person who can fix him while he’s busy saving the world. Which surely he will do. Any day now.”

NiemanLab: What a yarn! Journalists are turning to crochet to tell data stories. “If you’ve only seen one crochet data viz project, you’ve probably seen a temperature blanket, where each row is color-coded to reflect the highs and lows for a year. Can this be used for other data? Sure. Some use the technique to visualize their mental health and this TikTok account recently went viral for cataloging her, um, digestive regularity. Yarn has also been used to visualize train delays in Munich, infant sleep patterns, Russian population growth, and daily news feeds.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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