USPTO, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, August 31, 2023


USPTO: Transitioning from TESS to new search. “Did you know the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) will soon be replaced by a new public trademark search system? Do you want to learn how to use your advanced TESS searching skills with the new system? Join our free experienced practitioner training webinar on Tuesday, September 19, from 2-3:30 p.m. ET.”


Gizmodo: Twitter Removes Its ‘No Political Ads’ Policy Ahead of the 2024 Election. “Twitter, rebranded as X, is bringing political ads back to its platform for the first time since 2019, the company announced on Tuesday. The move comes ahead of the 2024 presidential election and Twitter claims it is hiring employees to expand Twitter’s safety and election teams.”

TechCrunch: Yahoo Mail introduces new AI-powered capabilities, including a ‘Shopping Saver’ tool. “Yahoo is introducing new AI tools for Yahoo Mail that are aimed at helping users save time and money, the company announced on Monday. The rollout includes upgrades to several of Yahoo Mail’s existing AI features, and introduces a new Shopping Saver tool. Yahoo is TechCrunch’s parent company.”


AFP: Oil firms pay Insta, TikTok influencers for ads. “Oil companies are paying popular influencers to pump their gas on social media, sparking a backlash from some climate-conscious fans for promoting planet-warming fossil fuels among young people. Young online celebrities best known for posting about video games, their dogs or their holidays to millions of followers are also dropping in unexpected plugs for gasoline stations, fuel rewards and club cards.”

Poynter: A policy tracker helped Nevadans make sense of the latest legislative session. “Imagine how difficult that political maze must be to navigate and understand for residents who’ve never visited a state capitol or read a bill. Making sense of the legislative session has been the goal of the Nevada Policy Tracker, a web page created by The Nevada Independent, a nonprofit news site that launched in 2017.”

Tubefilter: Kai Cenat invokes ‘Rush Hour’ with action-comedy film ‘Global Pursuit’. “Global Pursuit features solid production values, dozens of crew members, and cameo appearances — even though it was filmed in just three days, according to its star. Cenat met Global Pursuit co-star Ray H during a trip to Japan, and the pair became fast friends. They soon embarked on a filmmaking project together. The trailer for Global Pursuit hit Cenat’s YouTube channel on August 23, and the full 17-minute film dropped two days later.” I watched this and it was quite good. I found Mr. Cenat more compelling than Chris Tucker.


NDTV: Noida Call Centre Duping US Citizens Busted, 84 Arrested. “The Noida police on Thursday said they have arrested 84 people, including 36 women, after a raid at a call centre on charges of duping US citizens of crores of rupees by pretending to be American government officials. The accused had a database of around five lakh US citizens that included their names, contact numbers and some financial details which were used to target them and take them into confidence, they said.” Five lakh is 500,000. A crore is 10 million. a crore of rupees is about $120,000 USD.

Space: Hackers shut down 2 of the world’s most advanced telescopes. “The National Science Foundation’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory, or NOIRLab, reported that a cybersecurity incident that occurred on Aug. 1 has prompted the lab to temporarily halt operations at its Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii and Gemini South Telescope in Chile. Other, smaller telescopes on Cerro Tololo in Chile were also affected.”

404 Media: iFixit Tears Down McDonald’s McFlurry Machine, Petitions Government for Right to Hack Them. “A group of right to repair activists and consumer rights advocates are petitioning the Librarian of Congress for the right to hack McDonald’s notoriously unreliable McFlurry machines for the purposes of repair, according to a copy of the petition obtained by 404 Media.”


Dalhousie University: Dal researcher leads global project to empower scholars of medieval chant. “Over the next seven years, Dr. [Jennifer] Bain will create an online platform that links and synergizes plainchant databases around the world. The new digital tool will provide scholars with a vast electronic resource to deepen their understanding of the a cappella chants and those who created and recited them.”

PsyPost: The “need for chaos” is linked to the sharing of conspiracy theories, study finds. “New research suggests that a psychological concept known as ‘the need for chaos’ plays a bigger role than partisanship and ideology in the sharing of conspiracy theories on the internet. The study, published in Research & Politics, indicates that individuals driven by a desire to disrupt and challenge established systems are more inclined to share conspiracy theories.”

Euromaidan Press: Int’l architects to restore Ukraine’s war-torn cultural legacy. “In August 2023, the Architects Association of Lithuania initiated the international European cultural project ‘UREHERIT. The Architects for Heritage in Ukraine: Recreating Identity and Memory’ that will last three years and is co-financed by the European Union program ‘Creative Europe.’ The project aims to address heritage as a resource for sustainable cultural, social, environmental, and economic recovery while solving challenges of preservation, re-definition, highlighting the national and local cultural identity, and reflecting the memory in the rebuilding.” Good morning, Internet…

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