Environmental Experts of Color, Cardi B, Extract Images from Google Slides, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 16, 2023


Green 2.0: Green 2.0 Launches New Environmental Experts Of Color Database. “Green 2.0 is launching the Environmental Experts of Color Database featuring over 150 people of color who are experts on a wide array of environmental topics to address lack of diversity in Congressional expert testimony on Thursday, September 14, 2023.”


Radar Online: Family Ties: Cardi B Drags Husband of Blogger Who Owes Her $4 Million to Court, Rapper to Examine Couple’s Bank Statements. “Cardi B’s efforts to collect the nearly $4 million owed to her by blogger Tasha K have ramped up in federal court, has learned. According to court documents obtained by, Cardi and her legal team have scheduled a videotaped examination of Tasha for this week.”


Digital Inspiration: How to Extract Images from Google Docs and Google Slides. “Learn how extract all the embedded images from a Google Document or Google Slides presentation and save them as individual files in a specified folder in your Google Drive.”

BGR: ChatGPT looks so much better with this free web app. “One exciting GenExpert feature for ChatGPT is characters. You can set up different personas to talk to the chatbot, which can help you customize your chats for specific topics. I used ChatGPT to buy running shoes and gear but also to train for a half-marathon. Therefore, one of my characters would be a runner who is interested in health and sports. I could set up a different character for work-related research. It’s like having multiple personalities, but only for talking to AI.”


Tom’s Guide: This new AI video tool clones your voice in 7 languages — and it’s blowing up. “How many languages do you speak? Thanks to AI, that number could be as many as seven. Los Angeles-based AI video platform HeyGen has launched a new tool that clones your voice from a video and translates what you’re saying into seven different languages. If that wasn’t enough, it also syncs your lips to your new voice so the final clip looks (and sounds) as realistic as possible.”

BBC: AI used to target kids with disinformation. “YouTube channels that use AI to make videos containing false ‘scientific’ information are being recommended to children as ‘educational content’. Investigative BBC journalists working in a team that analyses disinformation, information that is deliberately misleading and false, found more than 50 channels in more than 20 languages spreading disinformation disguised as STEM [Science Technology Engineering Maths] content.”


Bloomberg: Twitter mass layoff severance fight heads to settlement talks. “Elon Musk’s X Corp. has agreed to try to settle claims by thousands of former Twitter employees who say they were cheated of severance pay, according to a memo by a lawyer for the workers seen by Bloomberg News.”

Bleeping Computer: Fake Cisco Webex Google Ads abuse tracking templates to push malware. “Threat actors use Google Ads tracking templates as a loophole to create convincing Webex software search ads that redirect users to websites that distribute the BatLoader malware. Webex is a video conferencing and contact center suite that is part of Cisco’s collaboration products portfolio and used by corporations and businesses worldwide.”


FedTech: Agencies Should Take Advantage of Their .Gov Eligibility. “More than 9,000 local, state and federal government agencies carry the .gov designation on their websites, but tens of thousands more do not. A major federal update of the infrastructure supporting that domain should encourage more state and local government organizations to do so, and will improve security for those already using it, experts say.”


Geeks are Sexy: A Century-Old Music Machine That Simultaneously Plays a Piano and Three Violins. “At first glance, it may appear to be just a player piano, but this creation from the early 20th century hails from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and offers a unique musical experience. What sets it apart is its ability to simultaneously play not only a piano but also three violins. In its time, this innovation was nothing short of revolutionary.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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