Contemporary Art Ukraine, Google Pixel, Twitter, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, October 5, 2023


Odessa Journal: The Mystetskyi Arsenal presents the online edition Ukraine Ablaze. “The Mystetskyi Arsenal presents an online edition titled ‘Ukraine Ablaze,’ dedicated to the representation of a long-term study of contemporary Ukrainian art since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, created based on the online archive ‘Ukraine Ablaze.’ The publication includes texts that document the changes in the Ukrainian art scene and the processes taking place within it in various ways. It also features works by artists that capture the times and states experienced by Ukrainian society during the war.’


Digital Trends: Everything Google launched at its big fall event: Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Pixel Watch, more. “The speculation and leaks are over, and the new devices have been officially revealed. The Made By Google event for October 2023 has left us with three amazing new devices and one incredible feat of software engineering that’s sure to be the talk of all smartphone and technology lovers for the next few months.”


Reuters: US Ad Revenue at Musk’s X Declined Each Month Since Takeover -Data. “Monthly U.S. ad revenue at social media platform X has declined at least 55% year-over-year each month since billionaire Elon Musk bought the company formerly known as Twitter in October 2022, according to third-party data provided to Reuters.”

Axios: X stops showing headlines after Musk update demand. “X began removing news links and headlines from posts in a major overhaul of the platform formerly known as Twitter.” Of course, this means that news articles will be easier to overlook. It will also be able to spread mis/dis information if the featured image for an article is not carefully chosen.


Clemson University: “Tigers in the Archive” podcast to explore Clemson’s archives . “‘Tigers in the Archive’ hosted by Tara Wood, the instruction and outreach archivist for Special Collections and Archives and lecturer in the Department of History and Geography, hopes to use the podcast to showcase items in Special Collections and Archives. The podcast will highlight the stories that these collections tell by interviewing those who have used or donated items.”

Search Engine Journal: Mistral AI Launches Open-Source LLM, Mistral 7B. “Mistral AI, a burgeoning startup in the AI sector, has set out on a mission to revolutionize generative artificial intelligence (AI) with its first large language model (LLM), Mistral 7B. The company hopes the new 7-billion-parameter model will become an open-source alternative to current AI solutions.”


New York Times: Museum Worker Sold Paintings and Put Forgeries in Their Place. “A worker at the Deutsches Museum in Munich stole paintings from the collection, replaced them with rough forgeries, then sold the originals at auction, according to the judgment of a court in the city this month. The thief used the proceeds to finance a luxurious lifestyle, the judge said.”

TechCrunch: What’s at stake in the Supreme Court’s landmark social media case. “The Supreme Court is poised to decide whether a pair of state laws are allowed to reshape the ability of social media companies to control what does — and doesn’t — appear on their platforms. Last week, the Supreme Court decided that it would hear the pair of cases, which revolve around Republicans crafting state-specific laws that order platforms to keep their hands off of some social media posts. Since the early days of the Trump administration, Republicans have accused social media companies of deliberately suppressing conservative viewpoints.”


Cornell Chronicle: AI analyzes bird sightings to help conserve species. “For the first time, big data and artificial intelligence are being used to model hidden patterns in nature – not just for one bird species, but for entire ecological communities across continents. The models follow the full annual life cycle of each species, from breeding to fall migration to nonbreeding grounds, and back north again during spring migration.”

NiemanLab: If Google suddenly had real competition in search, how would news publishers’ world change?. “But — to be parochial for a moment — what sort of an impact would any movement in this direction have on the news business? That’ll depend on the remedy, obviously. But Google search is by far the No. 1 source of external traffic to news sites, and any meaningful competition for that title could shake the foundations of the industry. To be clear, we’re in thought-experiment territory: Google will be the dominant search engine for the near-to-medium future and any real shift is at least years away. But here are a few of the possibilities.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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