Byzantine Studies, Turkey’s Treasures, Reddit, More: Monday Evening ResearchBuzz, October 23, 2023

My queue overfloweth so enjoy a third issue today.


Medievalists: Leading Byzantine Studies journal now open-access. “Dumbarton Oaks Papers, which has been a leading academic journal in the field of Byzantine Studies since 1941, has unveiled a new website where all of its issues are open-access and available to read for free.”

Focus on Travel News: “Turkey’s Treasures”: A Digital Collection Unveiled on Google Arts & Culture. “Google Turkey, in collaboration with the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has announced the launch of ‘Turkey’s Treasures’, a digital collection on the Google Arts & Culture platform.”


TechCrunch: Reddit is killing blockchain-based Community Points. “Reddit is winding down Community Points — the blockchain-based ‘internet points’ program designed to reward creators and developers — in favor of prioritizing rewards programs that are less difficult to scale.”

Global Voices: The ongoing conflict’s impact on ICT and digital transformation efforts in Sudan. “The ongoing conflict has caused security concerns for public workers, leading to instability in the delivery of basic services, including food, water, health, power, and telecommunications. The ramifications of the crisis also affected information and communication technology (ICT) and digital transformation efforts in Sudan, depriving Sudanese of full internet-related services.”


Make Tech Easier: 6 of the Best Online Photo Editors. “When it comes to photo editing, Photoshop is the undisputed king. In fact, like Band-Aid or Google before it, Photoshop has become the de-facto catch-all phrase for any type of photo manipulation, regardless of the tool used. Unfortunately, Photoshop can be fairly pricey – not to mention a bit complicated to use. This list offers the best online photos editors, allowing you to skip the Photoshop price, confusion, and download.”


Business Insider: Google’s latest job cuts were pretty targeted and reportedly included several ‘director decapitations’. “At an all-hands meeting on Wednesday following the layoffs, Google News VP, Shailesh Prakash, said the cuts were made to ‘streamline’ the company, Command Line reported, citing unnamed sources. Prakash also noted that Google hired too many people during the pandemic and now, ‘there’s a reckoning.'”

New York Times: How Ron DeSantis Lost the Internet. “Mr. DeSantis’s hyper-online strategy, once viewed as a potential strength, quickly became a glaring weakness on the presidential trail, with a series of gaffes, unforced errors and blown opportunities, according to former staff members, influencers with ties to the campaign and right-wing commentators.”


The Verge: Google owes executive $1 million after losing gender bias lawsuit. “A jury found Google guilty of sexual discrimination and awarded female Google Cloud executive Ulku Rowe, who filed the complaint, $1.1 million. Rowe’s lawsuit alleged that the company gave higher pay to less-experienced male cohorts and that it later denied her promotions in retaliation for her complaints, both internal and later in court.”

Axios: Gemini, Genesis and DCG hit with civil fraud suit in continuing crypto saga. “New York attorney general Letitia James announced Thursday that her office has sued Gemini Trust, Genesis Global and Digital Currency Group for defrauding some 230,000 investors of more than $1 billion.”


MIT Technology Review: How to fix the internet. “The existential problem is that both the best and worst parts of the internet exist for the same set of reasons, were developed with many of the same resources, and often grew in conjunction with each other. So where did the sickness come from? How did the internet get so … nasty? To untangle this, we have to go back to the early days of online discourse.” Good evening, Internet…

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