The Origins of West End Theatre, New Jersey College Students, Kid-Friendly Covid Information, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, November 21, 2023


Northeastern University: London’s underground theater scene takes center stage in new Northeastern mapping project. “Funded by the NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks, [The Origins of West End Theatre] presents information about 45 different theaters that were active from 1660 to 1812. In doing so, it shines new light on a largely forgotten — but significant — part of London’s theater history.”

State of New Jersey: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Launches Resource Hub at Convening of Campus Practitioners . “ – designed in collaboration with the Office of Innovation – centralizes information relevant to students regarding housing, food, transportation, child care, and other similar supports, while providing an overview of eligibility and the processes for seeking State assistance.”

University of Nebraska Medical Center: Online resource offers child-friendly lesson on COVID-19. “Parents and guardians looking to find a child-friendly yet scientifically accurate way of speaking to kids about COVID-19 and other communicable diseases can turn to a new resource from UNMC, in partnership with the ‘Youth in Agriculture’ education program. A user-friendly online COVID-19 Training mini-course for kids now is available via phone, tablet or desktop computer.”


9to5 Linux: Mozilla Firefox 120 Is Now Available for Download, Here’s What’s New. “Mozilla published today the final build of the Firefox 120 web browser, slated for release on November 21st, 2023, so it’s time to take a closer look at the new features and improvements.”

The Messenger: Linda Yaccarino Faces Pressure To Resign as Major Advertisers Flee Elon Musk’s X. “As reported in Forbes on Monday, Yaccarino faces pressure from leading advertising executives to take a stand against her boss and X’s owner, Elon Musk, who has ignited fresh controversy over antisemitism on the platform by responding to posts that include anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.”


Press & Journal: From Ringo to Robbie: Nairn photographer’s 50 years capturing music legends. “The Marnie Archives are the work of a man who has been completely uncompromising in his choice of life path, sacrificing financial security, relationships and even home life for his craft…. Marc’s vast archive was nearly lost when the basement where they were stored was flooded. Now he’s trying to preserve the prints by digitising them for posterity. He reckons 90% of them have never yet been seen.”

Mashable: Right-wing influencers pledge to bail out Elon Musk after Apple, Disney, others suspend advertising on X. “…numerous right-wing media companies and influencers have come together and pledged support for Elon Musk, promising to advertise on X in order to make up for the revenue lost from fleeing businesses… The controversial Andrew Tate, a ‘manosphere’ influencer who has previously been charged with rape and human trafficking, pledged the largest amount, saying he’d give Musk $1 million per month without even running ads for his own endeavors.”

CBC: Drivers keep going the wrong way down this Ottawa street. Google Maps is to blame. “On any given day, Emily Robinson usually sees up to a dozen cars travel down her one-way street in the wrong direction. That’s not for a lack of signage — there are no-entry and one-way signs posted at intersections along Glen Avenue in Old Ottawa South. When you look at a map on Google Maps, the arrows along Glen Avenue point one way. When drivers ask for directions, though, Robinson said they’re sometimes sent down it in the opposite direction.”


Bleeping Computer: Bloomberg Crypto X account snafu leads to Discord phishing attack. “The official Twitter account for Bloomberg Crypto was used earlier today to redirect users to a deceptive website that stole Discord credentials in a phishing attack. As first spotted by crypto fraud investigator ZachXBT, the profile contained a link to a Telegram channel with 14,000 members, further pushing visitors to join a fake Bloomberg Discord server with 33,968 members.”

Bloomberg: British Library Says Ransomware Attack Behind Weeks-Long Outage. “The British Library said a ransomware attack by a criminal group is the cause of a technology outage which has disabled its website and other computer systems for weeks.”


Chemical & Engineering News: Exposing a most unscrupulous journal. “What [Michael] Fischer noticed was a mix of fraudulent practices that are typical in so-called predatory journals and more-subtle misbehaviors that are common among even prestigious and widely read publications. For Fischer, ET Nano stuck out because of its brazenness and disregard for good scientific practice.”

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Want Better AI? Get Input From a Real (Human) Expert. “Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have put forth a new way to evaluate an AI system’s recommendations. They bring human experts into the loop to view how the ML performed on a set of data. The expert learns which types of data the machine-learning system typically classifies correctly, and which data types lead to confusion and system errors. Armed with this knowledge, the experts then offer their own confidence score on future system recommendations.” Good morning, Internet…

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