Submit Your Site

Feel free to send information about your site to if your site meets the description of what we cover — namely, search engines, databases, online information collections, and similar sites. Please keep these guidelines in mind:

1) Don’t send attachments. They’ll be deleted unread. No, really. Say it with plain text. Please.

2) Please give some kind of information about the site, not just the URL. You don’t have to write a whole press release, but 10-20 words about what the site is and why we should care will be very helpful. Please make it clear why the site should be covered in ResearchBuzz. Even a statement like “my site contains a searchable database of 18th century European painters” is VERY helpful.

3) If ResearchBuzz has covered your resource before, please let us know why we should cover it again. We’re not adverse to covering resources more than once, but you need to make a compelling argument as to why it should be done. (“I changed my logo” is not a compelling argument. Sorry. :->)

4) If you want to let us know about your site, please don’t play it off like it’s not your site and you “discovered it while surfing” or something like that. Who cares if you want to promote your own site?

5) If the site costs money, please state that up front and give an idea of cost. The fact that a site costs money to use does not preclude coverage.

6) Please note that we generally do not cover pay-for-placement search engines, e-commerce directories, or shopping search engines (like auction search engines) unless there is some tremendous benefit available or unique feature. (This doesn’t happen often.) This is mostly because if we started covering these kinds of search materials it would take up most of our time.

7) We may refuse to review a site if it’s got crazy numbers of pop-up ads, interstitials, ads that play sound without prompting (and scare the whiz out of us at 2am), and other functions that put way too many hoops between th’ human and th’ content.

8) Please don’t add us to any automatic distribution list of all your press releases without asking first. And please do not add us to mailing lists without permission.

9) ResearchBuzz does not participate in link exchanges. If we like the resource we’re reviewing, we link to it. A reciprocal link is not required.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing about your resources.