Google, PDFs, Focus, More : Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, October 30, 2013

Google Street View, now on the river Thames.

Nice from TheNextWeb: 10 new IFTTT recipes now that Twitter support is back.

Is there going to be a Google Smartwatch in the next few months?

Sometimes I need this: 5 Productivity Tools to Help You Focus.

A really nice article breaking down the syntax for Facebook Graph Search.

Wow. Google is now the third largest US company? “Google’s reached an all-time high of $1,015.46 soon after its results announcement. The stock is trading at $1,011.41 with a market capitalization $337.4 billion. Google is now the third largest U.S. company after Apple and ExxonMobil.”

More Google: GMail and Google Docs now accept handwriting input. Interesting but not particularly useful over here.

Practical Ecommerce has an overview of five popular Web clipping software platforms.

UbuntuGeek has a quick writeup of a tool that lets you compare two PDF files.

From Mashable: the five best read-it later apps. Pocket. Pocket Pocket Pocket! Good afternoon, Internet…

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Google, Kentucky, SERPS, More: Short Saturday PM Buzz, October 12, 2013

Google+ Communities has gotten a couple of improvements.

Search Engine Journal looks at 5 free tool to keep you from drowning in content.

First Google, and now Microsoft is planning to drop cookies.

Google Maps has added some new features.

The state of Kentucky has created a list of Halloween attractions in its state.

From Larry Ferlazzo, the best resources for understanding the debt ceiling.

Oh look! More Facebook malware! Blah.

Wow, the Moz Blog, has a huge visual guide to Google’s SERP.

Google has extended its bug bounty program to security fixes for open source software. Good afternoon, Internet…

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Trains, Bing, Feedly, Google Doodles, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, October 3, 2013

Lee Celledoni dancing the Jitterbug, 1947You can now track Amtrak trains on Google Maps. In real time, no less! “The map shows the specific locations of Amtrak’s 300 national trains and the time that train is predicted to arrive at a particular station. Sensors embedded on train tracks send location data via GPS tracking installed on each train. Then, the map data is passed to the Google Maps Engine along with station data from Amtrak’s content management system.”

You know how more and more tech companies are asking for the right to disclose more information about government data requests? It shouldn’t be too surprising that the government is opposed.

A Yale professor has done some debunking of Bing’s “Bing It On” search challenge. I never bothered with it because I hate challenges like that. “Oh, Bing finds better results for ‘cow’!” Sod that! I need information on 19th century taxidermy in the state of Oklahoma. If Microbing would just apply itself where Google isn’t even bothering, it would have plenty of room for innovation.

So speaking of that, you can now search Pinterest via Bing image search. “Today, we’re excited to announce Image collections for Bing image search, which brings together curated collections of images from around the web. Now, when you search for an image on Bing, you’ll notice related boards on Pinterest right alongside regular search results.”

A registry of stolen bikes has launched in Chicago and is trying to expand nationally.

The YouTube of code? Yes, please! Only feel free not to emulate the comments section. Check out this article about Runnable.

You know that zero-day security issue with IE I’ve mentioned in the last couple of weeks? Yeah, it’s being widely exploited. “Several groups are using an exploit that takes advantage of security bugs in Microsoft’s flagship browser software to attack financial institutions and government agencies in various countries in the far East, using various Trojans and similar strains of malware.”

Apparently a Google search for Brandy has a little hiccup. (Get it? Brandy? Hiccup? Whee! That’s what I get for writing these at the end of the day.)

Want to see if there’s an iPhone 5S available in your area? There’s a tool for that.

Lifehacker has created a roundup of the best extensions and add-ons for Feedly.

Wow! Every Google Doodle ever as one giant GIF? It’s 1809 frames and 15 MB! Good morning, Internet…

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Surfing, Facebook, YouTube, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, October 1, 2013

Man, this brute force malware sounds pretty scary.

The Encyclopedia of Surfing has launched! Free resource.

Valerie Forrestal starts with a script from Amit Agarwal and goes further in hacking Google Forms to e-mail updates to specified people. Nice.

Wow! acquired Find-A-Grave. Some questions are answered in this article by Hack Genealogy.

Facebook’s Graph Search will now let you search posts and status updates if you’re lucky — it hasn’t rolled out to me yet. It’s about time.

There is now an online database for comparing public schools around the UK. “The 24 measures for schools in England – from truancy rates to the pupil/teacher ratio – were divided into four broad categories. These categories – attainment, teaching, behaviour and outcomes – were given weightings based on their perceived importance.”

Google has launched a free tool for creating HTML5 sites and ads. It’s in beta. “While this ad pedigree shines through across Web Designer (the default layouts are for DoubleClick rich media ads and AdMob mobile ads, for example), there is nothing in the tool that would prevent you from building interactive single-page sites and animations for other purposes, as well. Some of the features, however, are currently only available for ads, though Google says it plans to expand these tools for other purposes in the future.”

Carroll County Indiana is getting its old newspapers digitized. The project is expected to be complete in the middle of next year.

From PC World (WARNING PC WORLD!) here are five tools to organize your thoughts. Heaven knows mine need all the help they can get.

Lifehacker offers up six YouTube URL tricks. These aren’t really YouTube URL tricks as much as “external tools that can be used on YouTube content” tricks, but they’re still useful.

Genealogy linkapalooza Cyndi’s List has a new category — “Transcribing, Abstracting, Extracting & Indexing.” Good morning, Internet…

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